WBFH Staff Course

Course Syllabus

Course Description

Students may apply to be on the staff after taking Exploring Electronic Media. The WBFH Station Manager selects the WBFH Staff and enrollment is limited. Staff students are scheduled for one class hour per day to the radio station and must be available for additional time after school as required by the staff. The student will gain actual hands-on experience in many aspects of radio broadcasting while on-the-air on the school district’s FM radio station.

This course may be re-elected for additional credit.

Reference Textbooks

Exploring Electronic Media

The Radio Station

Media Current Events

Any media current events worthy of discussion will be covered at the beginning of each class. Feel free to bring in any articles you read in print media or from reliable websites.


  1. Students are required to complete four productions and four objectives each of the scheduled due dates. Students must complete a minimum of 24 productions by the end of the semester. Students must complete all the objectives by the end of the semester.
  2. Students must attend each monthly Staff meeting.
  3. Students must host or co-host a two-hour show each week as scheduled by the program director.
  4. Student must supply their own headphones to use in the studios.
  5. Student must keep all Staff handouts in a notebook.
  6. Student must attend meetings of the departments they are a member of and complete work assigned to them by the department director.
  7. Student must follow all FCC rules, WBFH station rules, and all school rules as outlined in the Code of Conduct book. These apply not only in the station but at any WBFH sponsored event like a remote broadcast, a social event or a field trip.
  8. Student must adhere to the Clean Air Policy for everything that goes over the air.
  9. Student must make an all-out effort to attend WBFH Staff social events.
  10. Student must meet with instructor for a grade conference at the end of each quarter and at the end of the semester to determine a letter grade for the class.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for all material discussed in class. A three-ring one inch notebook with pockets is needed for notes and handouts. Bring your notebook to class every class period or keep it in your staff locker.


A mid-term test covering handouts will be given at the middle of the semester and another test will be given at the end of the semester. Each test will be worth a certain number of points.

Grades/Grading Scale

Grades will be determined by the following grading scale:

90%-100% A

80%-89% B

70%-79% C

60%-69% D

59% or less E

Class Participation

Contributing to the discussion of class topics is not required but encouraged. It can’t hurt you to participate, it can only help you.


Students who contribute above and beyond the call of duty will receive “plus” points. Conversely, students who fail to follow the rules may receive “minus” points. Plus/minus points will be part of the grade conference with the instructor.

Subject to Change Comedian (2nd Place Promo) // Evan Sacksner - 2015 John Drury Award Winners
  1. Subject to Change Comedian (2nd Place Promo) // Evan Sacksner - 2015 John Drury Award Winners
  2. Selective Service (Honorable Mention PSA) // Jason Silverstone, Evan Sacksner, Mitchell Salhaney - 2015 John Drury Award Winners
  3. Parental Sportsmanship (3rd Place PSA) // Kent Davis - 2015 John Drury Award Winners
  4. Music Program Cuts (3rd Place Newscast) // Jaron Kirshenbaum - 2015 John Drury Award Winners
  5. Internet (3rd Place Promo) // Kent Davis - 2015 John Drury Award Winners
  6. High School Radio Day (Honorable Mention PSA) // Jonah Lopas, Foster Stubbs - 2015 John Drury Award Winners
  7. Congress Gets an “F” on Climate Change (3rd Place News Feature) // Evan Brook - 2015 John Drury Award Winners