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07 June 2017

Pete Bowers’ Retirement Celebration Caps 41 Years of Service to BHSD

WBFH General Manager Pete Bowers is retiring after 41 years of service to the school district as manager of the radio station and teacher of the electronic media classes. A celebration of his career was held at Andiamo’s Restaurant June 3rd at noon. Superintendent Rob Glass gave opening remarks followed by School Board President Ingrid Day, School Board Member Paul Kolin, Principal Charlie Hollerith and WBFH Technical Director Ron Wittebols. Attending WBFH alumni also were able to comment on their experiences working with Bowers when they were in high school and the effect he has had on their lives. Some alumni came from Florida, Georgia and Virginia to attend the celebration. Bowers then took the podium to recap his career and entertain the attendees with a string of Bowersisms and attempts at humor. At the end of his speech, he passed the torch to Wittebols, said adios and dropped the mic. Hollerith, Glass and Day took the podium to announce that the Bloomfield Hills Board of Education is dedicating the WBFH On Air Studio to be named “Pete Bowers On Air Studio” in honor of Bowers for his 41 years of outstanding service and leadership to the Radio Program and the District. The studio dedication ceremony will take place in September. Wittebols concluded the celebration with the playing of the song “Thank you for Being a Friend” which was traditionally aired after each WBFH radio-a-thon.

The event can be found on YouTube:

Front row: Pete Bowers, Ed Borus, Michele Conner, Heather Monk. Second row: Scott Meach, Joan Dodge, Heather Catallo, Chris Hill, Stuart Best, Matt Friedman, Paul Gaba, Scott Anderson, Wendy Shanker, Ron Wittebols.   Claudia Bowers, Pete Bowers, Heather Catallo.    Ron Wittebols.  Ingrid Day  Charlie Hollerith.   Ed Borus L-83).  Paul Gaba (L-82).   Kenny Eaton (BHHS-2019).  Scott Anderson (A-88).  Wendy Shanker (A-89).   Heather Catallo.   Pete Bowers.   With his antique school bell. With his Jesus action figure.  With his first radio from the 60’s.   Passing the torch. Pete Bowers in on air studio, 1976.


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