High School Radio Day Aired Nationwide April 20th

The Biff and high school radio stations all over the United States came together for one day of celebration April 20th when the 5th Annual High School Radio Day continued as an annual event. Since there are so few high schools with radio stations, High School Radio Day (HSRD) raises a greater awareness of the ones that are still broadcasting over the air and newer ones that are streaming online.

A website has been created to publicize the activities planned by participating stations on April 20th: www.highschoolradioday.com.  Schools can register their stations on that site.  Also on the site are links to participating high schools with links to their websites and online streams of their programming; notable high school radio grads; links to other high school stations nationwide; and a resource page with information pertinent to high school broadcasters.

High School Radio Day was created after College Radio Day launched in 2011.  Though College Radio Day did allow high school stations to register, organizers felt that high school stations should have their own day.  High School Radio Day Founder Pete Bowers (General Manager, WBFH-FM, Bloomfield Hills, MI) scheduled the first HSRD in May 2012.

Bowers estimates that there are only about 200 high schools in the nation with either a terrestrial over-the-air non-commercial, educational radio station or an internet-only or online radio station.  “The number of terrestrial stations is dropping but the number of online stations is increasing with some of those applying for LPFM construction permits,” said Bowers.  “That’s why we need to unite on High School Radio Day and make the public aware of what we do, how we do it, and the service we provide our communities,” he said.

Bowers is thrilled that High School Radio Day has become an annual event.  There currently are 76 stations from 30 states participating, up from 31 schools from 16 states the first year.  Students and advisors at those stations reached out to potential listeners in their broadcast area and online encouraging them to listen and be prepared to hear creative programming not heard on college and commercial radio stations.


Follow HSRD on Twitter (@HSRadioDay), Facebook (search High School Radio Day) and Instagram.  Download the High School Radio app from Google Play.  For more information about HSRD, contact Bowers at pete@highschoolradioday.com or call (248) 341-5695.


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