Biffers Win 21 National High School Broadcasting Awards at IBS Conference in New York City

Biff radio students and faculty won a total of 21 national high school radio awards at the 76th Annual International Radio and Webcasting Conference sponsored by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) held in the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City March 4-6, 2016. WBFH was named a Finalist in the Best High School Radio Station category, putting the Biff as one of the top four high school stations in this national competition.

General Manager Pete Bowers and five Biff students attended the conference: Andrew Brown, Greg Margosian, Harrison Parker, Foster Stubbs and Evan Sacksner. Lisa Brown was a chaperone for the trip.

The Biff won four 1st Place Awards and 17 Finalist Awards:

1st Place, Best Public Affairs Event/Promotion: Harrison Parker and Jaron Kirshenbaum

1st Place, Best Sports Play-By-Play: Foster Stubbs and Dylan Wittenberg

1st Place, Best Sports Talk Program: Foster Stubbs and Dylan Wittenberg

1st Place, Best Use of Social Media: Foster Stubbs

Finalist, Best Public Affairs Program: Evan Sacksner

Finalist, Best Public Service Announcement: Harrison Parker

Finalist, Best Sports Update: Foster Stubbs

Finalist, Best Station Promo: Greg Margosian and Andrew Brown

Finalist, Best Show Promo: Andrew Brown and Greg Margosian

Finalist, Best Show Promo: Evan Sacksner and Jason Silverstone

Finalist, Best Event Promo: Evan Sacksner, Jason Silverstone and Mitchell Salhaney

Finalist, Best Event Promo: Evan Sacksner, Greg Margosian, Andrew Brown and Foster Stubbs

Finalist, Best Liner/Sweeper: Harrison Parker

Finalist, Best ID: Harrison Parker

Finalist, Best On-Air Personality: Andrew Brown and Harrison Parker

Finalist, Most Innovative Program: Evan Sacksner

Finalist, Best Fundraising/Underwriting Campaign: Harrison Parker

Finalist, Best Website: Greg Margosian (Webmaster)

Finalist, Best High School Radio Station: WBFH, The Biff

Finalist, Best Student Manager: Andrew Brown

Finalist, Best Faculty Adviser: Pete Bowers

Stubbs, Parker and Sacksner each won five awards; Brown won four awards; Margosian won three awards; Wittenberg and Silverstone each won two awards. This was the first year Biff students entered this national competition.

The link to all the winners in the high school division is HERE. The link to the student/advisor winners is HERE.

Bowers and the Biff students were active participants in two sessions: High School Radio Roundtable/Programming Your High School Radio Station and High School Radio Day: The 411. Bowers was the moderator for the second session because he is the founder of High School Radio Day.

On Saturday night, the Biff group was lucky enough to get a tour of the four Cumulus radio stations in New York City: WNSH 94.7 (NASH FM), WABC 770 AM, WPLJ, 95.5 and WNBM, 103.9. The tour was given by former Avondale High School/WAHS 89.5 Alum Jesse Addy who is the afternoon air personality on NASH FM with up to a million listeners a day. On the tour, Biffers met WPLJ Weekend Air Personality Hannah Byrom and 77WABC Air Personality/Guardian Angel Founder Curtis Sliwa.

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