The Biff Offers Summer Radio Camp for the First Time Ever

The BHSD radio station known as The Biff is offering a radio camp this summer which allows participants the opportunity to explore the art of radio broadcasting. During each 2 hour session, participants will operate an over-the-air FM radio station under the supervision of a station representative.  These hands-on sessions will allow participants to broadcast from day one while being heard throughout Oakland and Macomb counties and globally over the internet. Maximum of three (3) participants per session.

Those interested may register for as many 2-hour sessions as they like over an 8 week session; committing to a minimum of 5 sessions ($50/per person for each two hour session. $25 for each additonal family member). This is the first time WBFH has ever offered a summer camp.

Link to registration:

Award-Winning Biffers Recognized at School Board Meeting

Nine Biffers were recognized for their achievements by the Board of Education at their meeting June 2nd in the Bloomfield Hills High School auditorium. General Manager Pete Bowers took the podium to spotlight each Biff student before a large crowd in the auditorium and viewers watching the meeting online or on cable.

WBFH students recognized and the number of state and national awards they won include:

Evan Sacksner-8 state (4 1st Place), 8 national

Harrison Parker-7 state (3 1st Place), 7 national (1 1st Place)

Foster Stubbs-3 state, 9 national (3 1st Place)

Greg Margosian-4 state (1 1st Place), 4 national

Evan Brook-2 national (1 1st Place)

Not attending the meeting but recognized:

Andrew Brown-6 state (1 1st Place), 5 national including Best Student Manager

Jason Silverstone-5 state (1 1st Place), 6 national (1 1st Place)

Jonah Lopas-3 state, 6 national (2 1st Place)

Dylan Wittenberg-1 state (1 1st Place), 3 national (2 1st Place)

Assistant Manager/Technical Director/Program Director Ron Wittebols was thanked by Bowers for his assistance over the years with these award-winning students.

The 2016 Michigan High School Radio Station of the Year Award which was won by the students in May was on display for those to see. This was the second year in a row that WBFH students won Station of the Year and the tenth time in the last 14 years that the station has won that award. Bowers also noted that in March the station was a Finalist for Best High School Station in the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System’s national high school broadcasting competition.

Collectively, this group of Biffers won an impressive total of 24 state broadcasting awards and an equally impressive total of 36 national broadcasting awards.

Bowers said that in the 40 years WBFH has been on the air, this group of seniors is one of the most talented group of students the station has ever had. Bowers noted that he is qualified to make that statement due to the fact that he has been the manager of WBFH for all 40 years of it’s existance.

Bowers also put in a plug for School Board Member Paul Kolin’s radio show, PK Sports, which airs every Tuesday on the Biff at 3 p.m.

Bowers also made the announcement that the Biff is offering a summer radio camp for the first time EVER! Anyone interested in doing radio this summer can find information about it on the Recreation Department’s website