Biff Bash Radio Banquet Spotlights Seniors

The spotlight was on Biff seniors at the annual end-of-the-year radio banquet called the Biff Bash. This year the banquet was held at Pasquale’s May 20, 2015, with 60 people attending. The “Biffet” dinner consisted of pizza, pasta, salad, bread sticks and Costco cupcakes. Station Manager Pete Bowers opened the program with comments about the past school year, both about the station and him personally. Operations Manager Jaron Kirshenbaum did the Year in Review recap of the year with a photo slide show plus videos of the Dream Cruise Remote Broadcast, the tour of WJLB/Bushman’s radio show and three videos posted on High School Radio Day. Staff students this year met Radio/TV broadcasters Mojo, Charlie LeDuff, Blaine Fowler, Matt Laurinec, Jake Neher and Scott “The Gator” Anderson. The WBFH Pledge Drive raised $3421.00 for station enhancement expenses. Bowers had the students come up to the front to be recognized for their accomplishments while on WBFH Staff. The spotlight was put on seniors with Bowers recognizing their contributions to the radio station including all of their state and national broadcasting awards. This group of seniors won a total of 18 state broadcasting awards and two national awards. In the last four years, WBFH won two MABF Michigan High School Station of the Year Awards and one John Drury, Best High School Station in the Nation Award. Assistant Manager/Technical Director Ron Wittebols made some comments about the seniors and how our programming is reaching a potential audience of 500,000 people with WBFH being broadcast over WAHS’s 89.5 frequency at 2,400 watts. Remarks were made by student representatives Kirshenbaum and Mitchell Salhaney with thoughts about their experiences on the Biff. Comments by all the seniors could be found in the printed program that was available for all students and their families. Representing the parents was Mike Salhaney who spoke about the radio program from a parents point-of-view. Families who donated $100 or more during the Pledge Drive were put in a drawing for gift cards to restaurants. A Biff desktop organizer went to the #1 caller to Bowers which was awarded to Kirshenbaum for his speed dialing. A group photo of seniors and managers was taken. Seniors received a Biff clock for their dorm rooms this fall and a movie gift certificate. Bowers thanked all the students for their contributions to the Biff, wished the seniors good luck in college and thanked the parents for their support.


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Left to right: Ron Wittebols, Brock Appleby, Kent Davis, Mitchell Salhaney, Paul Tourneur, Jaron Kirshenbaum, Oliver Norton, Leanna Dixon and Pete Bowers.

Vivian Johnston Guest on Bagley’s Corner

BHHS Social Studies Teacher Vivian Johnston was a special guest on Bagley’s Corner May 4th. She talked about her retirement after 20 years of teaching as well as her experiences as an attorney. She also talked about her new motorcycle and trips she has made on it. Johnston and host Pete Bowers took a trip down Memory Lane as they talked about life as Andover Barons in 1970 (the year she graduated) and 1971 (the year he graduated). Listen to the show on the free Biff Radio app (On-Demand link), or click the play button below.

Radio’s Most Innovative: Pete Bowers and High School Radio Day

WBFH Station Manager Pete Bowers is the founder of High School Radio Day (HSRD), a nationwide day of celebration of high school radio stations in the United States. This year, the 4th Annual HSRD was celebrated April 22nd with 70 high school radio stations from 29 states participating. More information about HSRD can be found at Bowers was interviewed for a feature entitled Radio’s Most Innovative by Mike Stern of Jacobs Media: Link. A recap of the HSRD activities written by Bowers was posted on The Michigan Broadcaster: Link. Articles about HSRD also appeared in national sites:  All Access (Link), Radio Ink (Link), Radio Survivor (Link) and Chicagoland Radio and Media (Link).